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“Jade Thunder’s music feels like a hug wrapped up in a 70’s crotchet jumper, filled with soulful melody, and lyrics from the heart.”


Creating emotional, raw music that often incorporates nostalgic, real-life experiences, in her early thirties, Thunder cleverly combines rock-pop hooks with timeless, old-school song writing on her new album ‘Alchemy’.

Drawing from and blending elements of folk, pop, rock, prog-rock, and jazz, Thunder’s songs reflect on her feelings about disenchantment, womanhood, romance, trauma and recovery.

Liverpool Noise said Thunder’s latest single ‘Alchemy’ is “a beautifully constructed composition that echoes Joni Mitchell at her very best” and Liverpool Acoustic has predicted that “the rest of the album is sure to cement Jade Thunder as a true songwriting talent of Liverpool”. 

Thunder released her first EP of original songs in March 2016 called ‘My Fault Anyway’ which encapsulates her soulful voice. Her music has always been focused on writing songs based on personal experience; referencing highs and lows of her life, relationships with friends and family, illnesses and above all else, acceptance.

“I have never felt confident enough to release a personal record before, but the pandemic gave me the freedom to sit down and write the album.
‘Alchemy’ is a piece of my heart and soul and a space where no one has been before. It’s an intimate record; a cathartic process where I wrote songs that sign off the past and give me permission to move on.”.

Jade Thunder headshot

Dear Jade,

Writing ‘Alchemy’ is the scariest thing you’ve ever done; pouring your heart and soul into a record that is about your life before marriage. The pain, the struggles, the addictions, the lovers, the loss… all of it.

It’s a healing process and something you needed to do, so remember not to let anyone steal your truth or light. The darkness is gone. Breathe.

You’re just a girl, sitting at your laptop, asking the world to appreciate your work as art.

Be kind to yourself and be happy.

Love, Jade

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