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verse 1

Every cell in my body loves you, the new ones love you so
Regenerating all the atoms, as the stardust pieces glow
In a room that is full of art, my love, I’d still stare at you
The autumn rustling of the leaves, make way for flowers anew


The stars did nod and the oceans agreed
The flowers chorused too
The alchemy of you and I
Rings truer than ever true

verse 2

I gave you all my thoughts and now, I’ve gone and lost my mind
My eyes can’t shine unless there’s something burning, brightly behind
My mind’s a mirror looks like you, I forgot what I look like
Let me close my eyes and know in heart, you are by my side

Songwriter(s): Jade Thunder
‘Alchemy’ lyrics © Jade Thunder Music.

Jade Thunder – Vocals/Acoustic Guitars
Howard Jacobs – Drums
Biff Roxby – Bass Guitar
Glyn Williams – Synth/Mellotron
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