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cleanse me

verse 1

Bathing in the moonlight, as I wash away my sins
Shoulders feeling heavy, full of needles, full of pins
Standing on a balcony and gazing at the stars
Listening to the rustling oak, I pray and cross my heart

verse 2

The wooden frame before me, solidly quiet and still
I feel the brightness of the moon, now covering me at will
Reborn again into the maiden, awaiting the next phase
Wildly rejoicing, cleansing all my selfish ways


Aphrodite love me, constellations dance
The belt of one Orion, tells the timing of romance
Centre stage this time of year, he wears it oh-so proud
The flames of one blue running man, will arc a thunder cloud

verse 3

Approaching is the mother, love and wonderment
A bounty that is full of lust, and time so carefully spent
The flicker of the stars above bring hope to me at last
Forever looking forward, as I leave it in the past

Songwriter(s): Jade Thunder
‘Cleanse Me’ lyrics © Jade Thunder Music.

Jade Thunder – Vocals/Acoustic Guitars
Howard Jacobs – Percussion
Martin Byrne – Bass Guitar
Glyn Williams – Piano

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