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verse 1

Tortoise shell framing the days coloured pink
Numbing the mind ‘cause you don’t want to think
Enveloped by fear and loathing for myself
A suspicious heart and a heavy mind, I climbed higher and higher


Blurry vision as I wake from slumber
I can’t think ‘cause I lost my head last night
I delve deeper into the tinted lens

verse 2

Smudging the glass as I cleanse out my flat
‘Laughing it all away’ just ringing in my ears
I realised that no one would save me from drowning
So, I learned how to balance the lens and the frame

Songwriter(s): Jade Thunder
‘Glasses’ lyrics © Jade Thunder Music.

Jade Thunder – Vocals/Acoustic Guitars
Howard Jacobs – Percussion
Biff Roxby – Synth Bass
Glyn Williams – Rhodes Electric Piano

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