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i serve only me


A harlequin will live to serve,  but I serve only me
A desert heart and a forest mind, a wanderer lives free
Ganassa forms a passion play and tricks my heart with wit
Nimble and astute he plays a  card with which to hit 


Emissary of the devil, damning souls to hell
Mischievous romanticism leaves stories now to tell
Oh Lucifer! I serve him not, though echoes surely show
That I serve only me, my dear, I put on quite the show 


‘Commedia dell’arte’ it is,  a 16th century tale
Dante’s hell shows prank-like antics in which we all regale
The Payne in which the features see a bold a chequered past
A frolic in the meadow shows a  carnival to last  

Songwriter(s): Jade Thunder
‘I Serve Only Me’ lyrics © Jade Thunder Music.

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