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perfectly imperfect

verse 1

The beauty’s in the imperfections it
Took a lot to see that goal
Dismembered healing landscapes
And the apple poisoned soul

verse 2

From rotting roots to charcoal lumps
A black heart turned to wood
Valleys of my skin I love
As waters wept with blood


I’m perfectly imperfect, imperfect to the eye
Rivers running deep reflecting to the sky
If loving me is hard enough then how’d I love you so
I’m perfectly imperfect and that’s all you need to know

verse 3

Leaves that fall in autumn
Lessons turned to pulp
Feeding up my mind with
Ammunition driven gulps

verse 4

A wilted flower cried aloud and
I could feel its pain
Surviving drops of heartache
Learning to dance out in the rain

Songwriter(s): Jade Thunder
‘Imperfections’ lyrics © Jade Thunder Music.

Jade Thunder – Vocals/Acoustic Guitars
Howard Jacobs – Drums/Percussion
Martin Byrne – Bass Guitar
Glyn Williams – Pianos/Synth

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