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verse 1

Popping them pills, like a pez dispenser plea,
Please doctor print out this prescription for me
I don’t wanna hurt any more,
Pleading loves first kiss I’m dying on the floor


Pills, pills, pills, pills, pills

verse 2

I sit hit the high, and the jackpot it rings,
Counting down from ten, can’t feel anything
Calm and collected, I’m creepin’ back to bed,
As visions of sugar plums are dancing in my head

verse 3

I’m feeling happy, I’m numb but I’m alive,
These Prozac pills help me stay focused and survive
Pill poppin’ people pointing, purposefully poised,
Pitching perfect poetry, pondering Prozac prose

Songwriter(s): Jade Thunder
‘Pills’ lyrics © Jade Thunder Music.

Jade Thunder – Vocals/Acoustic and Electric  Guitars
Biff Roxby – Drum Programming
Martin Byrne – Bass Guitar
Glyn Williams – Hammond Organ/Piano/Wurlitzer Electric Piano

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