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verse 1

Growth isn’t just about us getting older
It’s learning to cope with the pain and the trauma
Sleepless in Seattle, Hard Day’s Night
Reliving the past like its yesterday’s right
Sewing the seams of love those wounds cut deep
As you bleed from your heart for the sanity you keep
Countless lovers, memories untouched
Numbing releasing when it all gets too much


I watched her slip away from this world so young
With a spring in her step she was so highly strung
Goodbye for now I’d say softly to her
As if that could heal the pain that’s just been unearthed
Beautiful silver scars that now shine so bright
I was ready to find myself show up and fight
The pain I once felt has long had its day
Forgiving the girl who once slipped away

verse 2

A bookshelf in mind I guess I stored it all away
I buried it deep until I could find a way
Guiding me through the waters of the storm
That would batter for years without being forewarned

Songwriter(s): Jade Thunder
‘Trauma’ lyrics © Jade Thunder Music.

Jade Thunder – Vocals/Acoustic Guitars
Howard Jacobs – Percussion
Maria Alan – Bass Guitar
Glyn Williams – Piano
Amy Chalmers – Violins
Vicky Reid – Cellos

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