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Health and Safety:

Please ensure that the performance area is under cover (if outdoors) with a suitable power outlet. Only 1 power outlet is required.

Please make sure the audience is aware they should not touch any equipment or instruments.

Unfortunately, I cannot allow anyone to get on stage or perform alongside me. My insurance doesn’t cover anyone else, only myself.

Tech Specs:

My equipment:

  • 1x microphone
  • 1x acoustic guitar with hard case
  • 1x Studiomaster Direct 121MX pack 12″ Active Compact Array System
  • 1x microphone stand
  • 1x guitar stand/stool combination OR sole guitar stand
  • Leads bag

If I am performing as part of ‘Glade‘ there will be all of the above and;

  • 1x keyboard
  • 1x keyboard stand
  • 1x seat
  • 1x microphone stand
  • 1x microphone
  • Leads

If I am performing as part of ‘Glass Hearts‘ there will be my list of equipment plus;

  • 1x acoustic guitar
  • 1x microphone stand
  • 1x microphone
  • 1x music stand
  • 1x tablet
  • Leads

Not all equipment is required at all gigs.

If a venue needs to be assessed, please email me [email protected] with their contact details and I will liaise with them myself to determine what is required.

All equipment is PAT tested.


Public Liability Insurance:
If the venue requires a PLI Certificate, please send me an email at [email protected] and request this.

Please note, the PLI Certificate will cover myself and my equipment only.


If you have any questions about the terms and conditions listed above, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly at [email protected]

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