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Interview: Where Are The Girl Bands?

Where are the Girlbands? is an organisation dedicated to making the music scene more accessible to everyone, through the promotion and celebration of women creatives in Liverpool. They give a platform to artists and their work with interviews, reviews, panel discussions…

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Supporting Amber Wildling Stone

Who is Amber Wildling Stone? Daring to unashamedly 'air' the things we mostly try to hide, 'complicated contradiction' pushes the boundary - in a modern world where everything has a 'filter.' ​ 'Complicated Contradiction,' is just that. A juxtaposition of…

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Single Release: “Happy”

‘Happy’, the second single by Jade Thunder, showcases her love of rock music, offering a powerful introduction to the difficult and traumatic events she has experienced throughout her life; a great insight of what’s to come from her debut album…

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Review: Liverpool Acoustic

I was absolutely baffled when I read this!  Thank you so much Helen Maw and Liverpool Acoustic for reviewing 'Alchemy'. Here's a snippet: “Every now and then an artist will come along who transcends all of your expectations and produces…

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Single Release: “Alchemy”

‘Alchemy‘, the title track from Jade Thunder’s upcoming album, blends elements of folk, pop, rock, prog-rock, and jazz. ‘Alchemy’ is a song about the love and balance Thunder found within her marriage; finding an inner peace after such a tumultuous past.…

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