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Supporting Amber Wildling Stone

Who is Amber Wildling Stone?

Daring to unashamedly ‘air’ the things we mostly try to hide, ‘complicated contradiction’ pushes the boundary – in a modern world where everything has a ‘filter.’

‘Complicated Contradiction,’ is just that. A juxtaposition of sass, playful ‘tongue in cheek’ attitude and self deprecating humour; paired with an uninhibited delve into the parts of ourselves we’d rather ignore. Amber leaves no stone unturned, diving into the complexities of her psyche, exploring her own psychology, decisions and reality.

​The work has been a cathartic exploration and acceptance of the wildly different facets that embody one person. She is both a woman whom is completely ‘out of time,’ yet exactly where she is meant to be.

The album feels like a rare and intimate glance into a diary, witnessing snap shots, ‘fleeting moments of feeling’ gift wrapped in music.

With a ‘no flowers added’ approach, Amber candidly opens the pages of her mind, enabling a rare look into the vulnerability exasperation, intimacy, and sensuality; of woman’s chaotic inner world.


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