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Single Release: “Happy”

Happy’, the second single by Jade Thunder, showcases her love of rock music, offering a powerful introduction to the difficult and traumatic events she has experienced throughout her life; a great insight of what’s to come from her debut album ‘Alchemy’.

Thunder says, ‘Happy’ is a nice introductory song to the album. I think the first single ‘Alchemy’ could have been a little misleading – don’t get me wrong, there are still similar sounding songs on the album, but it’s not all sunshine and roses. 

‘Happy’ is a solid and powerful rock tune which was unintentional. I wrote it with a kind of “Led Zep – California” vibe in mind, and that works acoustically, but for the record it just needed that elevation to make it soar. 

I adore singing this song. It makes me feel alive.”


Here’s a video of Happy from the Helen Maw gig at EBGB’s.

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