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Single Release: “Alchemy”

‘Alchemy‘, the title track from Jade Thunder’s upcoming album, blends elements of folk, pop, rock, prog-rock, and jazz.

‘Alchemy’ is a song about the love and balance Thunder found within her marriage; finding an inner peace after such a tumultuous past.

Thunder explains, “Alchemy is probably the only happy song I’ve ever written. It’s about my husband, and the peace and balance I’ve found being with him.

I wouldn’t ever say that it’s because of him I’m now balanced, but he was a large contributing factor; after all, I had to do the hard work to bring myself here.

It helped knowing there was someone I trusted and loved enough to share that journey with. Our relationship has allowed me to be vulnerable and find strength in that vulnerability as well.

Alchemy is a celebration of love. It embodies what being in a relationship means to me. If people smile and feel that warm-fuzzy-feeling when they listen to it, then the song has done it’s job.”



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